If you still need convincing that timeless pop tunes can be made, Canopy’s debut EP aims to make you a believer again we’re terribly optimistic from this nineteen minute teaser In a world mired with enough doom and gloom for the next few generations to come, it’s all the more refreshing to be energized with the precise grooves of glossy pop music which provides exactly what it promises. -Drowned in Sound, 8/10


Canopy a.k.a. Praveen Ayyagari’s first EP, recorded with Erik Wofford (Voxtrot, Black Angels) in Austin, TX. Produced by Martin Crane (Brazos), Canopy//Anopy pares down flowery pop arrangements to just laid back melody, bright crescendo, and the confident spark of Ayyagari’s vocals, making for a truly catchy and charming indie-pop record. Features guest performances from members of White Denim and Tacks, the Boy Disaster.

  1. Neon Line
  2. Everybody Trips a Little Now and Then
  3. Narrow Bones
  4. The Listener
  5. Untitled (Alley Cat)

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