Canopy started things off with cheer: eyelid-clenched, chest beating cheer. Theirs is a sound of brightness and percussion, of enthused vocal waves and electronic squiggles Once roughly 8 members strong and fitting of grand bright orchestration in line with Van Dyke Parks (save his actual orchestra), during that incarnation they rattled the smaller venues about town and had a good run of late 2007/2008, releasing their first EP Canopy//Anopy.  Having now slimmed down to a four piece their sound is more focused and benefits dramatically. To see where front man Praveen Ayyagari takes his friends in 2009 will be exciting. The Tripwire


Canopy is the recording and evolving live-performance project of videographer Praveen Ayyagari. The first incarnation of the live band was an eight-piece group with a horn section. Now, with Josh Choi, Chris Ledesma, and Berto Rincón the band is focusing their sound and pushing songs into unexpected hooks and arrangements with an ear for playful genre-bending. Canopy shows the rare ability to capture popular excitement and energy with their infectiously upbeat tunes.

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