A local singer-songwriter with a unique vision is extremely rare these days. Thats what makes Mark David Ashworths debut a thrill. Recorded during his travels in Central and South America, Viceroy comes across as a warped travelogue that envelopes the listener with its eccentricities. That Ashworth performs the multi-instrumental arrangements almost entirely by himself makes it even more remarkable. Borrowing a bit from the city folk of Beck and with a voice that occasionally recalls Ron Sexsmiths melancholy, Ashworth mixes staggered beats with visions of the places hes been, ever searching and imploring for answers that arent there yet. Street sounds mix with flamenco guitar on the languid Something We Can Hold in Our Hands, while a tenor guitar line-dances around Ashworth harmonizing with himself ethereally on Silver and Gold. Even then, Viceroy, an album in the every sense, is best consumed whole. Austin Chronicle


Viceroy is the debut album from San Francisco and Austin based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mark David Ashworth. Born out of several months of recording and travelling throughout Latin America, Viceroy is based on the trials and pleasures of otherness and the search for self in a foreign land. Latin-folk-influenced soundscapes are fleshed out by guitars, pianos, programming, drums, charangos, quenas, and nightstands.

  1. Several Afternoons at Once
  2. Airplane
  3. Eggs
  4. The Dirt
  5. Something We Can Hold in Our Hands
  6. On The Forming Of Routines
  7. Wordless Script
  8. Silver and Gold
  9. We Built a Levee
  10. Elevator, Battle, Distance
  11. Carillon Song

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