This singer/songwriter is channeling something that has led to the creation of the must-hear prog-folk record of the summer Sunset is Bairds opus. As Baird alternatively croons and chants deep within a densely layered mix, you can hear his passion seep through instruments as diverse as French horns, tribal drums, Kraftwerk-esque keys, and accordions. This album is apparently the conflation of two separate complete records, yet a narrative arc is undeniable and the overall tone is cohesive Bill Baird took some chances recording this music, and you should take a chance listening to it.  The effects could be emotional. Other Music


A follow-up to this years Bright Blue Dream, Sunsets The Glowing City is equal parts seamless song cycle and singles collection. Songs about reflection, failure, exhaustion of life and circumstance, join with pop sensibilities in a beautifully tragicomic fashion. Essentially two albums worth of material on one disc, this album makes it all available directly and emphasizes Bill Bairds song cycle approach Pink Clouds and Bright Blue Dream being the forerunners.

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